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I'm an experienced glass engraver with many years in the business and during the pandemic I discovered a hidden passion for designing and handcrafting 'Tiffany' style lanterns. Having never worked with stained glass materials before I was venturing into uncharted territory. Although it was certainly a learning curve, it’s proven to be very rewarding seeing the final pieces come together. I found myself being inundated for the musical themed candle box column designs. I then set about sourcing different material options to create an original decorative glass case to produce a lamp.

With various colours, agates became a good choice for my first series of agate lamps. I explored the use of them with inspired designs echoing the art of 'Mondrain'. The lamps have an abstract geometric element to them, while the agates themselves give a very organic feel in contrast. This has resulted in producing unique individual pieces of art plus an attractive lighting solution as well.

SN AL photo


Each lamp is a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork and all are signed. The styling is influenced by the 20th-century Dutch painter 'Piet Mondrain'. They stand on a branded handcrafted oak base, treated with a beeswax finish and stamped with a corresponding serial number.


On purchase all lamps are provided with a certificate of authenticity.

Appealing to the interior design industry they compliment many styles of home decor.

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